All of our sale bulls are vacinated 7in 1, Botulism and are JBAS 7status, they  carry a 12 month fertility guarantee

Failure to produce calves(being the fault of the bull)

 Droughtmaster sale bulls - 

We prefer to build our beef on good genetics and  grass.Our Territory bred Droughtmaster bulls are  grass fed/ back grounded / paddock raised at Renner Springs Station,N.T. They are guaranteed quiet and fertile and are ready to work at the time of sale. Well handled on foot,horses and bikes, they come from cows that are  quiet and are good doers in this  Northern climate.

Stargold Arty-$3500 plus gst fertility is guaranteed 

Used sire Vitwood Pascoe- $3000 plus gst

 Weight gains up to 800g daily recorded on grass fed bulls at Renner Springs. We are DPI credited as being completly tick and disease free.

Our bulls have good balance and  good general overall health and conformation, with good feet.

Grass fed bulls have far more stamina to keep working then silage prepared bulls,relating to more calves on the ground

Quality Droughtmaster types with quiet temprements

Our grass fed bulls are built to last longer in your paddock as they are sold in good working condition and are not overfed/overfat which leads to less calves on the ground

Our cattle carry great genetics from reknown Studs such as Billabong,Vitwood,Glenlands,Parawanga,Swan,Latrobe, Glen Fosslyn,

                                         Kimberly Park,just to name a few. For details you can phone Valmai Jones on 08 89644555                                                       

One of our 2015 sale bulls, displaying the quiet temperament our cattle are renown for.