Above and below, Stargold Showtime, stud bull, bred by Stargold Droughtmaster Stud

 Stud sire - 3 year old Stargold Showtime- tested PP  for polled gene- junior  & senior  champion bull at Beenleigh  2012/ 2013/2014-Showtime below as a working stud bull at Renner Springs Station

 Vitwood Quadrant - tested PP  for polled gene - first season sire

Above -   Vitwood Quadrant-sire - $90,000 Glenlands Megabyte- dam Vitwood Novena- This is a truly beautiful bull

 Above-  Vitwood Quantum- tested PP  for polled gene -sire Vitwood Liberty-dam Glenlands D Jillaroo. He is a direct grandson of one of my all time favorite Droughtmaster sires,the $150,000 Wolfang Fredo both his sire and grand-sire are deceased 

Vitwood Queue tested PP  for polled gene -by Talgai Cooper- out of Vitwood Natalia. Heavy muscled bull,neat and quiet with a beautiful short head,  Talgai Cooper is a massive bull, this young sire is so very much like his dad

Below,  lovely young super quiet polled bull Vitwood Pascoe-VWD132556M (P) - D5, sire Glenlands Kyle -(P) -U9C055134M-D5 Dam Crusader Fauni (P)- D5

 He tested PP by genestar, 99% chance of only throwing polled offspring. Super quiet, beautiful young sire

Gallery below-  Used Stud Sires