Stud number 1223 Renner Springs Station enjoys it's status of being both tick and disease free,including liver fluke , we are in a BJD protected zone, JBAS 7 status for WA. 

Our herd is Droughtmaster Accredited by the Australian Droughtmaster Society, comprises both commercial and registered females with strong emphasis on traits that contribute to the profitability and sustainability of commercial beef production in hash conditions of Northern,Central and Western Australia. 

We endeavour to supply our clients with high quality genetics that are fertile, structurally sound, easy doing and low maintenance. 

We breed to produce cattle which perform well under the natural environments of Northern,Central and Western Australia. 

Our females are bred to produce cattle that are high growth,sound,quiet and fertile.

We are very proud of our cattle,our heart and soul goes into our Droughtmaster herd.


 Above is a classic example of our home bred Droughtmasters at Savannah Droughtmaster Stud.They are good doers in a very dry climate

Above cows at Savannah Droughtmaster Stud, Northern Territory.

I have dedicated the founding of this Stud to my parents, Maude and Elton Forshaw,whose passing saw the end of 45 years of Droughtmaster breeding at Yeldham Station in the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria, where they ran 8000 head of commercial Droughtmasters. 

Photos show a good example of our droughtmaster stud females at Renner Springs Station,Savannah Stud

Savannah Droughtmaster Stud is located at Renner Springs Station,Northern Territory, Australia. Renner Springs is rated as sub tropical in climate range. Our cattle are raised mostly on soft desert spinefex grass with a mix of buffel and native grasses. The quality Droughtmaster herd is about 95% polled with the remainder being scurred or horned. The base herd came from our Family property Yeldham Station in the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria. Our Family (the Forshaws) raised Droughtmasters for 35 years. After Yeldham was sold (in 2006) we moved a small herd to Renner Springs to start our own bull breeding Stud. The cattle are very quiet, and are well handled on horses and bikes. .                                     

Savannah Droughtmaster cows

Genetics you can trust! Over 50 years of breeding in our female lines between Maude and  Elton Forshaw's  QLD Gulf Country "Yeldham" herd and our Savannah herd. Our herd has bloodlines from proven studs such as Vitwood,Glenlands,Glen Fosslyn,Parawanga, Wundaburra and Billabong, just to name a few.The temperament is quiet and calm, the conformation is  top class, they are a quality herd of Droughtmasters. For your next herd bulls,give us a ring on 08 89644555- ask for Valmai or Steve

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